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About Sarsi and Magic Muscle Balm

I have been a Naturopath for 30+ years and have always chosen the natural options where available. 

As a mother of two very active teenage boys I was constantly strapping, massaging and providing natural pain relief to their injuries but found that a lot of off the shelf products just didn’t work?

This led me down the path of wanting to create something I could use that was natural, sustainable, affordable but most importantly very effective for sore muscles.

In all honesty, I have been using my magic muscle balm for many years. When I knew how effective it was, not just for myself and our kids, that's when I thought... we should make this for everyone!

It has taken me years of different recipes, different blends and a lot of trial and error to get to what we now know as Sars Magic Muscle Balm that we have today. 

Since developing Sars Magic Muscle Balm I know that when it goes on it’s going to work, its peace of mind.

You’ve been Magic Balmed!