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Beeswax: a beautiful by product of honey, this ingredient provides a lovely soft base for SMMB, it also has healing actions that help soothe the skin and provides a barrier for your skin. If you look closely at your Muscle balm before you use it, you will notice on some tins you can see the pattern of honeycomb. Why? I still don’t know but it looks so cool.

Grapeseed Oil: is a by-product of winemaking (no wonder I like it so much), it is a light coloured, beautiful and soft oil that blends well with my other ingredients. It is good for your skin as it is full of Omega 6 fatty acids. Cold pressed is the only way to go and it’s full of Vitamin E. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Lanolin: lanolin copped a bit of a bad wrap in the 80’s, mainly for causing allergic reactions. The reason was some of the chemicals can remain in the lanolin with the potential to trigger allergic responses. Since then strict requirements are in place and I am happy to tell you that our lanolin is from good old Aussie sheep and is of the highest grade. Yee ha! It is also one of the most skin loving agents around. It’s a win/win by providing hydration from both the outside and inside.

Sunflower oil: is a beautiful dreamy carrier oil, it is full of nutritious omegas 6 and 9 which do a whole lot of good stuff for your body including help the healing process, is anti- inflammatory, prevents stiffness and pain, the list just keeps on going. No wonder it’s a sure thing for my Balm. 

Peppermint: it’s anti spasmodic, analgesic which basically means pain relief. It helps remove toxic congestion, its cooling action can relieve inflammation and muscular aches and it also smells freakin awesome!


Wintergreen: one of my favourite oils, reminds me of my Pops rubs that my Nan use to use on his arthritis. It has been used for years in liniments and ointments for muscular skeletal problems.

Eucalyptus: good old eucalyptus! Us Aussies use this for absolutely everything, its clean and piercing smell is unmistakable. Actions are analgesic plus a whole heap of other ones that we don’t need to know. It’s the Australian Windex - fixes everything.

Clove - analgesic, antispasmodic, and relives flatulence, just thought I would put that one in there….. Clove oil we know helps toothache, it also provides pain relief and is anti- inflammatory, what a ripper!

Ginger: We all know what this one does, heats, improves circulation, this baby gets the blood flowing and helps provide all the healing nutrients to the site of the pain or inflammation, it works like black pepper and cayenne, but I prefer gingers gentle warming than the smack in face with other circulatory stimulants.

Arnica: Arnica, Arnica, Arnica you are a beast! My favourite ingredient, Arnica is incredible with your healing properties, pain relief, reduce swelling, reduce bruising, your gorgeous and yellow and my secret weapon…. Well not so secret anymore.